Swiftpoint GT Mouse

I’ve actually had this mouse for over a year and realised it deserves its own post as my favourite pointing device (aka mouse).   The Swiftpoint GT has actually been around since 2014 after a successful Kickstarter campaign, and currently retails for about $149 USD ($190 SGD).

swiftpoint gt


  • Extremely portable, with a tiny form factor that makes it possible to use on the palm rest of your laptop – super handy on flights.  It comes with a handy palm-rest mat to keep it secure on your latop.  And almost forgot to mention it weights only 24g.
  • USB receiver. Doubles as a charger for the GT which has a rechargable internal battery.  The GT also connects via Wireless and Bluetooth 4, although I end up using the dongle for quick and reliable connection.
  • Magnetic parking spot.  This is basically a circular rubber mat with a magnet which you can stick on the outside of your laptop, which you can then attach the GT to carry it around.  Works well, but easy to bump off if you knock it against something.
  • Gesture-based scrolling and panning.  The unique feature about the GT is an extra nib at it’s base which allows you to swipe the mouse from side to side to pan or flick between pages, or drag the whole unit up and down for scrolling.


Things to watch

  • It definitely takes a little getting used to.   Most of my friends who try and use the GT find it extremely frustrating.  However, after using it for a few days, I find it not only comfortable and ergonomic but extremely productive.  The GT has a patented ergonomic design where you hold the mouse with a pen-like grip that feels natural to use.  Even though I initially bought it for travel and cafe visits, I’m now using it as my main desktop mouse.


  • Expensive.   For a price tag of $149 USD it’s definitely on the pricier end for any mouse.   But would I buy it again? I’d say yes.   It’s lasted a full year without any problems (I’ve gone through 3 desktop mice in the same period).   I’ve just gotten used to ergonomics of the design where I feel a tang


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