UX Prototyping Tools

Prototyping tools have become a standard way our UX designers create wireframes, IA, site maps, page flows, but they also serve a way to collaborate with business analysts, clients, and developers.  Tools in this space tend to ebb and flow as they enhance their features or new platforms come out, but at the time of publishing, the following are strong contenders:

  • Axure http://www.axure.com/ – Free Trial, then susbcription. as been the standard tool most UX teams have using the past few years.  The most feature rich in terms of functionality and designed towards advanced funcitonality/prototyping.  Prices slightly higher.
  • Marvel https://marvelapp.com/ – Free for individuals.   Another tool that we are currently using on a few of our clients.
  • Invision https://www.invisionapp.com  – Free for individuals, but also has enterprise version. Latest ones our teams are using.
  • A couple of other tools suggested by our teams include https://proto.io/ and  https://www.uxpin.com/.

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